Ex-Cult – “Summer Of Fear”

Ex-Cult – “Summer Of Fear”

Ex-Cult will release a new 7″ single set this month, and back in June we premiere its B-side, the cover of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band’s “1906.” Today, the Memphis punks debuted the A-side, “Summer Of Fear,” via Impose. Ex-Cult’s Chris Shaw explains that the song was written about a murderer:

In the summer of ’69, George Putt was on a murder spree in Memphis- strangling people in their apartments and stabbing anyone he pleased… He led the police on a frantic search throughout the city for 28 days before being caught by a group of ordinary citizens. Memphis had never seen anything like it before. Putt was given 497 years in prison, and died behind bars this year.

It’s surprising that this is a song about the summer of ’69, when its title could just as easily allude to the summer we’re currently living in 2016. Listen to “Summer Of Fear” below.

“Summer Of Fear” b/w “1906” is out 8/12 on Famous Class Records.

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