Turnstile – “Come Back For More” & “Harder On You”

Turnstile – “Come Back For More” & “Harder On You”

Right now, the biggest band in hardcore might be Turnstile, the fast and vicious but deceptively tuneful Baltimore crew whose members also play in bands like Angel Du$t and Praise. Last year, the band released the brawl-starting Nonstop Feeling album, and they’ve since joined metal label Roadrunner. But before they get started with Roadrunner, they’re releasing an intense, bruising, fun-as-hell four-song 7″ called Move Thru Me. The band recorded the EP with producer Will Yip, and it ends with a cover of “Fuck Me Blind,” a song from the DC post-hardcore band Give. Here’s what the band has to say about the new EP:

This singles 7″ is about complete full experience and freedom of self as well as the barriers that can damage that. Recording the songs with Will was special; he really helped bring them to life and was such a positive force when working side by side. It was fun putting everything together, releasing it ourselves, and getting to include a Give cover to top it all off.

And here’s side A of that 7″:

Move Thru Me is out 9/16 on Pop Wig Records. The pre-order will be available 8/10 here.

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