Peaer – “Pink Spit”

Peaer – “Pink Spit”

Peaer is the project of Purchase, NY-based musician Peter Katz. On his 2014 debut, the eyes sink into the skull, he translated the fear of slowly fading away into opaque and understated rock songs. The material on its follow-up, Peaer’s forthcoming self-titled sophomore LP, is crisper and more assured. On “Pink Spit,” the album’s lead single, Katz’s droll tone intimates that he’d rather opt out of life’s many power struggles altogether: “I don’t want to support this system of deciding what goes in front and what goes up and what gets fucked,” he sings.

He’s joined on record by drummer Max Kupperberg and bassist Michael Steck, who help morph his tormented defiance into a prickly percussive froth. Katz is tired of doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results, but also too afraid to confront the opportunity for change when it does present itself: “I felt the tide shift/ It was swift/ It caused a rift, and then it left me bereft.” Listen below.

01 “Pink Spit”
02 “Cliff Song”
03 “Third Law”
04 “Drunk”
05 “I.H.S.Y.A.”
06 “Sick”
07 “For The Rest Of Your Life”

Tour Dates:
08/09 New Haven, CT @ Cafe Nine
08/13 New Paltz, NY @ Make Out Mansion
08/14 Brooklyn, NY @ Locust Street (solo)
08/20 Caldwell, NJ @ First Presbyterian Church
08/27 New Haven, CT @ Lyric Hall (solo)
09/03 Troy, NY @ TBA
09/04 Brooklyn, NY @ Summers End Festival

Peaer is out 9/30 via Tiny Engines. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Lucie Murphy

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