James Blake Says He Never Worked With Hudson Mohawke

UK producer Hudson Mohawke claimed he demoed some music with James Blake and Frank Ocean yesterday on Twitter. According to Pitchfork, a fan paid a visit to his mentions, saying: “Need a @HudMo and @jamesblake project,” and HudMo reponded with: “We demo’d a few as well as Frank O n myself but I can’t get into anmore trouble for leaks.” And he also didn’t confirm that the music would ever “see the light of day.” Frank Ocean will probably never respond because it would prompt questions like “Fuck Hudson Mohawke, where’s the album?” But James Blake has responded on Twitter humbly saying that he’s never worked with Mohawke. That doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all though, that fan was on to something. Read Mohawke and Blake’s tweets below.