John Lydon Attacked With Bottle On Stage In Chile, Finishes Show Bleeding

John Lydon is still punk as fuck at age 60. While the erstwhile Johnny Rotten was performing with Public Image Ltd in Santiago, Chile at Club Blondie last night, a fan hurled a glass bottle at him which cut him deep enough for him to bleed pretty profusely. What does Lydon do? He calls whoever threw the bottle a “fucking coward,” wraps and ties a towel around his head, and continues the show with blood streaming down his face. He posted a pic on Facebook that shows him with bandages and a few cuts to his face along with the caption: “Glass attack last night at Santiago, Club Blondie in Chile. No reflection on the rest of the crowd. Great gig. It lives. Anyone got any more pictures?” Check out the pic below along with fan footage of Lydon in bloody triumph.