Infinity Crush – “Drowning Here With All My Friends”

A rough cut of “Drowning Here With All My Friends” kicked off Infinity Crush’s 2013 tape Stumble Pretty, and in the the same opening slot on Warmth Equation, the project’s upcoming new album. The song is as good as an introduction as any to the communal loneliness of Caroline White’s bedroom pop band. It begins with a dream, and the threat of feeling subsumed and suffocated but finding a support system to combat those fears: “I’ll drown the ghosts that live inside your body,” White sings. “The world has made me soft/ We are so fragile/ We tell each other that we are pretty until the day we die.”

“When I was first getting acquainted with a group of friends, I was observing behaviors a lot,” White explained to Noisey, who debuted the track. “There were continuous acts of tiny, microscopic acts of kindness that floored me. Just understated moments of displaying genuine affection and platonic love – grappling for a small way to show someone you’re thinking about them. It stuck with me, and that’s partially what this song is about.” Listen below, and check out lead single “Heaven” after you’re done.

Warmth Equation is out 9/30 via Joy Void Recordings. Pre-order it here.