Katy Perry – “Rise (Purity Ring Remix)”

Katy Perry’s new single “Rise” already sounded weirdly similar to a Purity Ring song; it had that downbeat, suffocating synth sound to it. It’s pretty cool that somebody noticed. Today, Perry released a new EP of “Rise” remixes, and one of them comes from Purity Ring themselves. The songs fits beautifully into Purity Ring’s who bleary goth-dance aesthetic, and the Canadian duo actually livened the song up slightly, putting a bit of a tropical house beat under Perry’s vocals. The weirdest thing about this remix might be that we can now hear a Purity Ring song where the singer enunciates clearly. Listen to the remix below, via Spotify.

Perry’s Rise: The Remixes EP is out now on Capitol. She should totally get Purity Ring to design the lighting rig on her next arena tour.