Extra Extras

What’s with all the Anne Frank jokes on the premium channels?

Weeds Episode 3 (SHO)
DOUG WILSON (Kevin Nealon): “It’s like Amsterdam, only better, because you don’t have to visit the Anne Frank House and pretend to be all sad and stuff.”

Extras Episode 1 (HBO)
ANDY MILLMAN (Ricky Gervais): “Kate Winslet talking dirty to Anne Frank and Joseph Goebbels – just a normal day.”

Anyway, I did enjoy Ricky’s new TV series (no, we don’t have to compare everything to the UK Office). It has a nice old Yusuf Islam-penned theme song:

Cat Stevens – “Tea For The Tillerman” (MP3)

Watch a hilarious clip from last night’s episode here (QT).

Next week, Ben Stiller guest stars as the dick that he is:

BEN: And who are you?
ANDY: Nobody.
BEN: What?
ANDY: Nobody.
BEN: Exactly. And who am I?
ANDY: Either Starsky or Hutch, I can never remember.
BEN: Was that supposed to be funny?
ANDY: You tell me, you were in it.

Anyone got a torrent of The O.C. parody that was on The Simpsons premiere? I think the Stereogum readers would enjoy that…