Blind Melon Sue Dance-Pop Artist For Ripping Off “No Rain”

In what might be one of the weirder recent cases of copyright infringement, Blind Melon filed a lawsuit yesterday against dance-pop singer Mandy Jiroux. Both the singer and the publishers of her single “Insane” are named in the suit under the pretense that the song derives from Blind Melon’s 1993 hit “No Rain,” which it obviously does. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the defendants will claim that they licensed “No Rain,” but that’s not the case. The article states that Jiroux’s reps reached out to Blind Melon’s people to license the song, but the band turned them down, and Jiroux released the song anyway. Here’s what it sounds like:

… it’s not good! OK, now compare that song to Blind Melon’s “No Rain”:

Both songs share the same hook. You can read the legal filing below.

Blind Melon by Eriq Gardner on Scribd

On a totally unrelated note: apparently Jiroux is very good friends with Miley Cyrus? They had a YouTube series called The Miley And Mandy Show in the late 2000s, presumably before Cyrus discovered weed. Watch an episode in which Jiroux and Cyrus discuss manicures and rubber bracelets below.

UPDATE: THR reports that Jiroux has countersued, claiming that texts and emails from Blind Melon’s management can be interpreted to mean she had permission to remake the song.