Monomyth – “Puppet Creek”

Monomyth – “Puppet Creek”

We last heard from Monomyth in 2014, when they shared a bizarre video for “Patsy” from their album Saturnalia Regalia! The Halifax indie rockers are back this fall with a new LP called Happy Pop Family, and today they share a promising track from the project. “Puppet Creek” is a lovely little folk-rock song that shimmers like a psychedelic new wave mirage. It’s like the Band entered a time travel portal and ended up in the middle of the Paisley Underground. Here’s Monomyth member Seamus Dalton with some context:

“Paging Mr. Marbles to Puppet Creek! There’s a Crack in the Pulpit! Paging Mr. Marbles to Puppet Creek! There’s a Crack in the Pulpit!”
Thinking about being a kid is weird. Music and kissing were way different and those ways are probably lost forever to you and I now. I swear to god Mr. Marbles comes to me twice a year. He faces away from me and takes my hand and we both walk backwards into hell.

With that in mind, listen below.


01 “Aloha”
02 “Puppet Creek”
03 “Re: Lease Life (Place 2 Go)”
04 “Drinking In Bed In E”
05 “Cool Blue Hello”
06 “Falling In Love”
07 “High On Sunshine”
08 “Go Somewhere”
09 “Palpitations”
10 “New Year’s Resolver”
11 “Fuck With Me”

Happy Pop Family is out 11/4 on Mint. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Allison Higgins

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