DJ Khaled – “Nas Album Done” (Feat. Nas) Video

Snapchat savant and rambler extraordinaire DJ Khaled recently etched his first #1 album into the record books with Major Key. In a super-stacked guest list, one of the standout tracks came by way of an announcement from Nas. God’s son revealed that his next album is done on the pragmatically titled single “Nas Album Done.” And though there’s still no release date or title for the album as of yet despite rumors floating around since 2013, Khaled gave the Fugees-sampling reveal a visual treatment today.

After Khaled makes a doofy pass at patois in a prolonged scene with Louie Rankin aka the original Jamaican dundatta Ox from the movie Belly (which Nas also starred in) and throws in some patented “they don’t want” and “key” jabber, he and Nas flex in the Caribbean with chains galore, luxurious cars, and Hawaiian shirts (minus hanging with Little Chase). Check out the major key moves below.

Seriously though, I need to find out what Nas’ diet consists of. Dude doesn’t age.

Major Key is out now, and Nas’ album is done.