Relive Iggy Pop’s Famous Peanut Butter Incident In A Clip From Jim Jarmusch’s Upcoming Stooges Doc

Iggy Pop’s stage antics are legendary. We’ve all known this for a long time, but it still is and will probably always be a sight to see him clamber on top of a sea of people and fling peanut butter all over the place. The Stooges recall Iggy and his exploits in a short new clip from Jim Jarmusch’s upcoming Stooges doc Gimme Danger. As footage plays from the (in)famous moment when Pop climbed on top of the crowd in Cincinnati in June of 1970 while performing the Fun House monster “1970,” the band talks about how disciplined they had to be to not move while chaos ensued. Pop recalls, “The group was always very aware of the theatrics of the moment and they never moved, ever. In 40 minutes, the drummer would never look up and the other two might move a foot or two.” You have to feel like a fucking god when people will continue to keep you suspended in the air just so you can throw peanut butter on them. Wild. Watch below.

In addition to Pop, Gimme Danger features Stooges members Ron and Scott Asheton, guitarist James Williamson, bassist Mike Watt, saxophonist Steve Mackay, the Ashetons’ sister Kathy and manager Danny Fields, as well as rare footage and recordings. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last week and will get its NYC premiere on 10/28 as well as a LA debut on 11/4.