Watch Donald Glover Attempt To Sing “Kiss From A Rose,” Improv A New Song With Reggie Watts On James Corden

Donald Glover stopped by James Corden’s Late Late Show last night, and they basically forced him to improvise a song and do some karaoke (thankfully not in a car). With Atlanta doing good numbers, it seems Glover just wanted to keep the buzz for the show going and have a good convo about it, but you can’t enter Corden’s realm of corndom without doing something corny yourself.

The host’s bandleader Reggie Watts beatboxed a little dance number, and though Glover was slow to warm up he eventually squelched a high-pitched, improvised tune and gave the studio audience some dance moves. This was after Corden and Glover mumbled their way through “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal because no one actually knows the words to that song — apparently not even Seal himself according to Vulture. Watch the improv and a cappella karaoke session below.

Glover also told us not to hold our breath for the new Childish Gambino album as the songs he performed at his PHAROS event will probably sound much different by the time we hear them again, whenever that will be.