Green Day – “Still Breathing”

Green Day – “Still Breathing”

Green Day are coming back with the new album Revolution Radio next month, and on the early tracks “Bang Bang” and “Revolution Radio,” it’s sounded like they’ve been working to recapture the bash-it-out pop-punk immediacy that made them one of the most exciting bands of the mid-’90s. This morning, they’ve shared another one called “Still Breathing,” and it’s a bit of a left turn for this band. By that, I mean: It sounds like Blink-182. A lot like Blink-182. Now, it sounds like a pretty good Blink-182 song. And anyway, Green Day were a formative Blink influence, and the two bands toured together in the late-’90s. Plus, sounding like Blink is probably a good business decision in 2016; they did, after all, score a #1 album earlier this year. But does anyone go to Green Day for that? Do we need heart-on-sleeve sugar-rush harmonies from them? I don’t know. Check out “Still Breathing” below.

Revolution Radio is out 10/7 on Reprise.

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