Check Out The Nude Iggy Pop Drawings From A New Brooklyn Museum Exhibit

Earlier this year, Iggy Pop was the guest model for a nude life drawing session at the New York Academy Of Art as part of a project conceived by Jeremy Deller. The drawings from that session, which were created by 21 artists, will be put on display in a new exhibition called Iggy Pop Life Class, which opens at the Brooklyn Museum on 11/4 and will run until 3/26/17. The drawings will also be featured in a book that’s out on 10/20. Below, check out some drawings that will be displayed at the exhibition, published with permission from the Brooklyn Museum.

CREDIT: Okim Woo Kim, Untitled (Lying pose)
CREDIT: Kallyiah Merilus, Untitled (Standing pose)
CREDIT: Taylor Schultek, Untitled (Seated pose)
CREDIT: Levan Songulashvili, Untitled (Standing pose)
CREDIT: Mauricio Rodriguez, Untitled (Seated pose)
CREDIT: Robert Reid, Untitled (Lying pose)
CREDIT: Guno Park, Untitled (Seated pose)
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