gobbinjr – “manatee”

gobbinjr – “manatee”

Oh, the thoughts you can think when trapped in someone else’s gaze. On “manatee,” the second single from Artist To Watch gobbinjr’s upcoming vom night EP, Emma Witmer goes on a fantastical journey while staring deep into someone’s pools of blue. Or at least I’m assuming the eyes in question were blue, because the song takes the form of an underwater adventure: “I’m getting lost in your lashes/ I’m diving deep in the sea/ Dolphins that leap with no splashes. But the dream-like state stops short when Witmer is forced to make actual human contact: “Oh no… you’re trying to talk to me,” she sings before delving back into a world of her own construction. The song’s whimsical nature suggests the fleeting moments of escapism were worth it, however, even if the end result wasn’t what you were hoping for: “Staring you down, never found what I’m looking/ Where are you now and how are you doing?/ Rarely will I pout thinking ’bout your lovely eye.” Revisit our our gobbinjr profile, and listen to the new track below.

vom night is out 11/4 via JMC Aggregate. Pre-order it here.

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