Stream Leonard Cohen You Want It Darker

Earlier this week, gravelly-voiced epicurean demigod Leonard Cohen made music-world headlines when he said, in this New Yorker profile, that he’s “ready to die.” That sounds bleak, but the piece is warm and moving, and it’s mostly about how the 82-year-old great is enjoying getting his “house in order.” (It also has Bob Dylan talking fondly about Cohen’s gift for melody.) That’s certainly the impression I get hearing Cohen’s new album You Want It Darker, which, despite its title and Cohen’s unfathomably deep mutter, does not strike me as an especially dark album. Instead, it’s a warm, heavy ramble from a man who’s publicly been living in his own head for decades. Cohen recorded much of the album in the living room of his Los Angeles apartment, and his son Adam produced it. There’s a calm, wise serenity to the album. We’ve already posted the the title track, but right now, you can stream the entire thing below, via NPR.

You Want It Darker is out 10/21 on Columbia.