Austra – “Utopia” Video

Austra – “Utopia” Video

Austra is the recording project of Katie Stelmanis, and last we heard from her was back in 2014 when the Habitat EP dropped. Today, Austra announced a new LP titled Future Politics, which is due out in January. The full-length was born while Stelmanis’ was living in Montreal and Mexico City, and according to a press release it’s “propelled by economic and philosophical texts she was reading throughout the album’s creation.” Future Politics uses dance music, and the dancefloor, as its main source of inspiration. Per the release:

Change, Rebecca Solnit (author, activist, environmentalist and editor at Harper’s Magazine) writes, comes from “writers, scholars, public intellectuals, social activists, and participants in social media”—also “artists, club scenes, parties, teenagers, ghettoes,” says Stelmanis. “Every single person’s idea about the future is valid and relevant, especially the freaks and the queers and the outsiders.”

“Utopia” is its lead single, and the track comes accompanied by an eerie THAT GO-directed video that finds Stelmanis going about her business in an empty, futuristic home that mirrors what an iPod must look like from the inside. And that “Rainforest” speaker sure looks like an Amazon Echo parody? Check out the video, album art, and tracklist below.


Future Politics tracklist:

01 “We Were Alive”
02 “Future Politics”
03 “Utopia”
04 “I’m A Monster”
05 “I Love You More Than You Love Yourself”
06 “Angel In Your Eye”
07 “Freepower”
08 “Gaia”
09 “Beyond A Mortal”
10 “Deep Thought”
11 “43”

Future Politics is out 1/20 via Domino.

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