Leapling – “Tunnelvision”

Wooh! Brooklyn trio Leapling are back like they never left. They just dropped the excellent Suspended Animation this past summer and they’ve already returned with “Tunnelvision,” the lead single off their newly announced Killing Time EP.

If you’re struggling watching the leaves change color and fall to the ground, then this will take you back to your summer melancholy quick-fast. Bouncy power-pop guitar, smooth bass riffs, jumpy, rattling drums, and shifting sections make for an airy romp subdued by evocative contemplation. The earwom hook “Tunnel Vision never let me down/ Tunnel vision turn me upside-down/” takes over before they jam out on a long instrumental break that’s perfect for meandering. It’s over six minutes but it’s well-paced and ramps up and down in energy at the perfect moments. Check it out below via AdHoc.

Killing Time is out 11/11 via Babe City Records. Pre-order it here.

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