Eminem – “Campaign Speech”

“The rebel with devil horns just fell off the yellow short bus.” That’s a typical line from “Campaign Speech,” the first new Eminem song we’ve heard in more than a year. On Twitter, Em posted to say that he’s working on a new album, and he also shared “Campaign Speech,” an absolutely ridiculous eight-minute rap marathon over ominous ambient production. It’s a deeply weird song, especially considering that it’s coming from one of the most popular rappers on the planet. There are no drums and no chorus; it’s just Em rapping in twisty word pretzels for what feels like forever. The track features Em clowning the entire idea of Donald Trump’s presidential race, but it also features stuff like this: “You call me misogynistic / Bitch, get to massaging this dick.” He’s also still throwing around a familiar homophobic epithet. You can go ahead and get to untangling it below.

That was a whole lot of rapping.

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