Stream Clear Plastic Masks Nazi Hologram

Nazi Hologram is a jarring title, and it’s supposed to be. No, Clear Plastic Masks aren’t co-opting Third Reich iconography like countless punk-rock shock artists of the past; the title refers to the looming specter of fascism that’s haunting the political climate these days. Incidentally, the album hearkens to the darker, skuzzier reaches of psych and garage rock from the 1960s, the last time America felt this tumultuous and divided. These songs sound like good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll poisoned by confusion and fear — a neat sonic parallel to the nationalist scare tactics the band is addressing.

Clear Plastic Masks hail from an intriguing corner of the Nashville music scene. Their album is coming out on Soft Junk Records, a label run by members of the band Fly Golden Eagle. Members of both groups also play in Thunderbitch, the side project of Alabama Shakes leader Brittany Howard. Judging by the quality of Nazi Hologram, it’s a musical underworld worth getting acquainted with. Start by streaming the album below.

Nazi Hologram is out 10/28 on Soft Junk Records.