Stream GFOTY Call Him A Doctor

The first track on GFOTY’s just-released Call Him A Doctor mix/EP honestly sounds like it could’ve been on the new Joyce Manor album, so that gives you something of an idea of what the PC Music member is going for this time around. It’s pop-rock filtered through the UK collective’s hyper-processed aesthetic, and it could be the first PC Music release to feature real-life instruments throughout: A.G. Cook is credited with playing keyboards, drums, and rhythm guitar throughout, and someone named Johnny plays lead and bass guitar and provides backing vocals on some of the tracks. The release as a whole is pretty varied: “Lemsip” is energetic and caustic techno-punk, “Snakes And Ladders” is straight-up out of Josie And The Pussycats, there’s a treacly love song in the form of “Wood U,” and fucking guitar solos on “You Don’t.” And while there’s plenty of glitchy pop bleeding in around the edges, Call Him A Doctor mostly takes GFOTY’s boy crazy schtick and applies it to the most obsessively romantic genre of all. Listen to it below.

Call Him A Doctor is out now via PC Music/Columbia.