Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins Announces Debut Solo LP; Stream “Range Rover Bitch”

For about 20 years, Taylor Hawkins has played drums for the Foo Fighters. And he’s also made some music outside the band — two albums with the side project Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders, in which he plays drums and sings, and another with another side project called the Birds Of Satan. But up until now, Hawkins hasn’t released any music on his own.

Next week, Hawkins will release a new solo mini-LP called KOTA, which features Hawkins singing and playing nearly every instrument. According to a press release, the record features a wide-ranging cast of characters and serves as “a meditation on life as a rockstar stranded in the suburbs.” So maybe Hawkins was just working in character when he decided to name his first single and opening track “Range Rover Bitch.” It’s a revved-up old-school riff-heavy power-popper, and sounds a bit like a fusion of Judas Priest and Cheap Trick. Listen to it and check out the record’s tracklist below.

01 “Range Rover Bitch”
02 “Bob Quit His Job”
03 “Southern Belles”
04 “Rudy”
05 “Tokyo No No”
06 “I’ve Got Some Not Being Around You To Do Today”

KOTA is out 11/11.