Los Campesinos! – “I Broke Up In Amarante”

The giddy Welsh indie-pop bashers Los Campesinos! haven’t released an album since No Blues in 2013, but as Pitchfork reports, they’ll return early next year with their new LP Sick Scenes. First single “I Broke Up In Amarante” is a fiery basher that, according to frontman Gaerth Campesinos!, is “about battling with bad mental health.” (Amarante, Google tells me, is a town in northern Portugal.) Below, listen to the song, read a statement from Gareth about it, and check out the album’s tracklist.

Gareth Campesinos! writes:

The song’s about battling with bad mental health, trying to comfort and reason with yourself over something you can’t control. Specifically it’s about how my main coping mechanism was to keep myself constantly drunk in the blistering heat of Amarante while being failed by a largely terrible international football tournament.

01 “Renato Dall’Ara (2008)”
02 “Sad Suppers”
03 “I Broke Up In Amarante”
04 “A Slow, Slow Death”
05 “The Fall Of Home”
06 “5 Flucloxacillin”
07 “Here’s To The Fourth Time!”
08 “For Whom The Belly Tolls”
09 “Got Stendhal’s”
10 “A Litany/Heart Swells”
11 “Hung Empty”

Sick Scenes is out 2/24/17 on Wichita.