Coldplay – “Everglow” (Stripped Down Version)

About a year ago, Coldplay released A Head Full Of Dreams, an overproduced mess of an album. One of its songs was “Everglow,” a big, sweeping ballad with backing vocals from frontman Chris Martin’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow. Someone in the band must’ve realized that the song was a bit much. So in releasing “Everglow” as a single, Coldplay have put together a whole new version of it, and it’s considerably less cluttered this time. For most of its running time, the new “Everglow” is just Chris Martin’s voice and piano, though a few other elements do come in toward the end. Surprise: It’s a much better song this way. Listen to the new version of it and watch a video of Martin recording it below.

A Head Full Of Dreams is out now on Parlophone/Atlantic.

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