That Ned Flanders-Themed Metal Band Just Released Their First Album

Last summer, we alerted you to the existence of Okilly Dokilly, the world’s first metal band to pattern themselves after Ned Flanders, Homer Simpson’s goody-goody next-door neighbor. They come from Phoenix, they all dress like Flanders, and most of them have mustaches. The world may be crumbling around us, but this goofy project is continuing on, and they have just blessed us with their first album. Howdilly Doodily features such songs as “Flanderdoodles,” “More Animal Than Flan,” and “Godspeed Little Doodle.” Below, should you deem it necessary, you can stream the entire album and watch the video for the album opener “White Wine Spritzer.”

If you feel like financially supporting this enterprise, you can buy Howdilly Doodily at Bandcamp.