Little Cub – “My Nature”

Little Cub’s first EP for Domino was called Loveless, but you won’t be confusing them for My Bloody Valentine. Rather, as exemplified on new single “My Nature,” the London trio specialize in the sort of moody, club-ready synthpop that has always been one of Britain’s specialties, from New Order and Depeche Mode up to Hot Chip and NZCA Lines. This track in particular matches glossy, understated vocals with sleek atmospherics and a pulsating synth bassline. Dominic Gore delivers raw and evocative lyrics like “My life, just public masturbation” with a chilling reserve and a deft knack for melody. Here’s what he wrote about the song:

“My Nature” was written as a hook for a piece of Dance music but played by a band with words that reflected the way I see myself in the centre of all this mess. Whereas Loveless is written for a somewhat wistful and perhaps naive perspective, “My Nature” is much more hardened and less ashamed. It’s about no longer looking for absolution, and it can come across as a bit unsympathetic.

Hear “My Nature” below.

Little Cub play the Ivy House in Nunhead, London on Friday, 12/16. Hear their previous music here.

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