Hear Angel Olsen Break Down “Shut Up Kiss Me” On Song Exploder

On the Song Exploder podcast, artists and songwriters dig deep into the process of a single particular song, walking us through the steps of how they put it together. The latest participant is Angel Olsen, who spends a 15-minute episode breaking down the giddy head-rush “Shut Up Kiss Me,” one of the best indie rock songs that 2016 has given us. Olsen says that she wrote the song from a place of, basically, romantic anger, and she recorded it live-in-studio with her band. To get it right, they practiced for hours and hours — for so long, in fact, that Olsen injured her arm playing guitar. There’s also a nod to David Bowie’s “Changes” in the piano part. During the podcast, we hear bits of a bare version of the song, as well as the isolated individual instruments that the band members played on the recording. It’s an in-depth look into a great song; check it out below.

Olsen’s fantastic album My Woman is out now on Jagjaguwar.