WHY? Announce New Album Moh Lhean

WHY? Announce New Album Moh Lhean

Yoni Wolf’s splintered indie pop project WHY? are coming back after a four-year hiatus since 2012’s Mumps, Etc. Their forthcoming full-length is entitled Moh Lhean, and it’s due in early March. This album is the first fully home-recorded WHY? album since the their 2003 debut, and its title shares the name of Wolf’s home studio, though it has no real significance according to Wolf. The project seems to have taken a step back from the orchestral precision applied to multi-genre arrangements that they honed to a sharp point on Mumps, Etc. In the teaser for album below you can get a quick taste of their new direction, and if it’s a true signal as to what the album will sound like, then it’s going to be one gorgeous effort. Check out the teaser along with details below.


01 “This Ole King”
02 “Proactive Evolution”
03 “Easy”
04 “January February March”
05 “One Mississippi”
06 “The Longing Is All”
07 “George Washington”
08 “The Water”
09 “Consequence of Nonaction”
10 “The Barely Blur”

Moh Lhean is out 3/3 on Joyful Noise. Pre-order it here.

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