Conor Oberst – “Tachycardia (Full Band)” & “Afterthought”

Earlier this fall, the erstwhile Bright Eyes mastermind Conor Oberst released the sad, spare, minimal solo album Ruminations, which he recorded while snowed in in his Omaha hometown earlier this year. Then, for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event, he released a 7″ with two new recordings on it. One was a full-band version of the Ruminations song “Tachycardia,” which fleshed the song out with lots of harmonica and organ and twangy country-rock guitar. The other was “Afterthought,” a bruised solo-acoustic hangover lament that came from the Ruminations sessions. Today, those two songs are no longer vinyl exclusives. They’re out there on iTunes and on streaming services, and you can hear them below.

Ruminations is out now on Nonesuch.

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