Spoon – “I Ain’t The One”

Yesterday, Spoon took to their various social media outlets and shared a new image, which looks a whole hell of a lot like an album cover, thus fueling speculation that they’ve got something new in the works. Matador Records shared it too, which suggests the band is back on that label after 20 years. And while we’re only just realizing it now, that wasn’t the first indication that we could get a new Spoon album soon. Sunday’s episode of Shameless, a Showtime drama that I don’t watch, used a new Spoon song called “I Ain’t The One” to soundtrack what appears to be a very emotional montage. It’s not actually the first time we’ve heard the song; frontman Britt Daniel and keyboardist Alex Fischel debuted it at a show in Mexico City earlier this year. But it’s the first time we’ve heard the studio version. It’s a spare, warm, slightly detached rock song, and it makes excellent use of Daniel’s preening, hiccuping delivery. It is, in other words, a Spoon song, which means it’s a reason to get excited. These guys continue to know what they’re doing. Watch the scene and hear the song below.

UPDATE: Here’s the full song.

We will, of course, alert you whenever we get news of a new Spoon album; something tells me it won’t be long now.

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