EDM Artists Deliver Late-Breaking Worst Music Meme Of 2016

Of course right after we presented to you some of the most memorable music Twitter memes of the year, the EDM Twitter community comes through with the worst one of 2016. Yesterday around noon the phrase “om telolet om” exploded on EDM Twitter, with many major EDM artists wondering what the hell it means.

Apparently the phrase refers to a certain sound Indonesian city buses make when they honk the horn. According to The Jakarta Post, the trend began in November with a Facebook video that showed children shouting and waving signs with the onomatopoeic phrase — which translates in English to “sir, honk your horn, sir” — at passing city buses, much as kids request of semi truck drivers here in the States. The video has collected 1.8 million views and has been shared over 45,000 times since last month. EDM producers mimicked the sound itself, taking the frenzy and fervor of the kids (and now adults) and turning their request for the bus drivers into remixes.

So “om telelot om” is a thing. Expect the horn drop at some point during sets at EDM clubs if you frequent those fine establishments.