Split Single – “Good Riddance ’16”

Jason Narducy released his latest Split Single album Metal Frames in November. A few days later, he played an album release show at the SPACE in Evanston, Illinois. At that show, he performed a new song called “Good Riddance ’16” that he’d written in the dressing room before performing. Like his Superchunk bandmate Mac McCaughan’s “Happy New Year (Prince Can’t Die Again),” it’s a reflection on all the ways this year has sucked. Split Single just published footage of the performance along with the “Good Riddance ’16” lyrics, which you can check out below.


You started out alright
Iran dismantled nuclear might
And I found a brand new shirt I’d forgotten about
(in the closet hidden underneath a bunch of shit
I should have cleaned up a long time ago – but there it was – I was psyched)

And then what the fuck
You took away Ziggy Stardust
Chameleon alien we all wanted to be
He took us to Mars
Never felt that far
He let everyone who felt different
Know they weren’t alone

Good riddance ’16
Good riddance ’16
Good riddance to you

Excuse me what did you say?
You’re taking the 5th Beatle away
Sir George, we salute you and we thank you

‘Working part time in a five and dime
My boss was Mr. McGee’
Oh no what did you do?
You can’t have him no no no no

Good riddance ’16
Good riddance ’16
Good riddance and additionally fuck you

Muhammad Ali, Garry Shandling
Gene Wilder, Maurice White
Leonard Cohen, Garry Marshall
Guess what – we don’t have all night
Mass shootings, Sharon Jones

Skipping ahead like a dream
The sun shone down on our baseball team
It took 7 games and extra innings but we’ll take it

Celebration of the century ended after 6 days
November 8th to be exact

Good riddance ’16
Good riddance ’16
Good riddance and additionally fuck you

Additionally, around the time of album release Narducy shared two episodes of his ongoing series The Sexiest Elbows In Rock. The star-studded cast includes Jeff Tweedy, Michael Shannon, Todd Barry, Sharon Van Etten, Black Francis, and Rick Nielsen among others. Check out both installments below.