Stream 4 Songs From Kverlertak’s Power-Pop Offshoot Beachheads

Stream 4 Songs From Kverlertak’s Power-Pop Offshoot Beachheads

On albums like last year’s Nattesferd, the Norwegian band Kvelertak have built their own beery, raging, fun-as-fuck take on underground metal, pulling at least as much from good-times ’70s Camaro-rock as they do from the black metal that surrounds them. But as fun and accessible as Kvelertak might be, they are a deeply metal band, and their music works as an all-out attack. So it’s a fun and weird surprise to learn that two members of Kvelertak, guitarist Vidar and bassist Marvin, have a new band with a sound that is not even remotely metal.

Those two make up half of Beachheads, a straight-up shimmering power-pop band who will release their debut album next month. In Beachheads’ music, you can hear traces of Big Star, Teenage Fanclub, and punkier fare like the Replacements, and you will hear absolutely nothing to suggest that two of these guys play in one of the most kickass metal bands on the planet. Below, stream four songs from Beachheads’ forthcoming self-titled debut, and check out their video for “Moment Of Truth,” in which you will learn how much fun it is to watch dudes with neck tattoos bash out pretty sha-la-la guitar-pop.

Beachheads’ self-titled debut is out 2/3 on Fysisk Format.

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