Dirty Projectors – “Little Bubble” Video

Dirty Projectors – “Little Bubble” Video

Dirty Projectors have shared a new song and video, “Little Bubble,” which they teased earlier this week. It comes on the heels of last year’s “Keep Your Name,” both of which will presumably be included on the project’s forthcoming full-length album, their first since 2012’s Swing Lo Magellan. Whereas the first single saw Dave Longstreth sampling one of his old songs, the video for this one (which Longstreth co-directed alongside Adam Newport-Berra) sees him recontextualizing visual elements from his Hi, Custodian short film as he sings about love’s isolationist, shielding tendencies over a slow, simmering burble. Watch and listen below.

“Little Bubble” is out now via Domino.

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