Imaginary Tricks – “Bird”

Mike Visser used to play in a band called Frank Jordan (no members were named Frank Jordan). Now he’s got a new project called Imaginary Tricks (no members are named Imaginary Tricks). They’ll release their debut album Skommel on the new Park The Van-affiliated label Friendship Fever this spring, and today we get the lead single. “Bird” is a head-nodding, slow-building rock song that feels soft and pretty despite Visser’s impassioned vocal and the steady rhythmic pounding that carries it along. “Despite what you’ve heard,” he sings, “I am still feeling like a little bird, flying away.” There’s also a rad guitar solo. Listen below.


01 “Mr. BIG IDEA”
02 “Seeing Two”
03 “Lights Out”
04 “Night Owl”
05 “Snakes”
06 “Bird”
07 “No Ordinary Guy”
08 “Big Hassles”
09 “Ease”

Skommel is out 3/24 via Friendship Fever.

CREDIT: Marc Kallweit