D.R.A.M. Stars In PETA’s New Broccoli Ad

Piggybacking on the success of D.R.A.M.’s Grammy-nominated summer hit “Broccoli,” PETA has recruited the Virginia sing-rapper (and noted dog lover) to advocate for the health benefits of eating broccoli in a new ad. We all know D.R.A.M. and PETA were talking about different types of “broccoli,” but so do they, and they literally flip the script as D.R.A.M. teases the finest tree to his homies only to sit between them on the couch with a platter of huge broccoli spears. PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange has high hopes for the ad and how D.R.A.M. can help: “There’s nothing healthier than an abundance of greenery. PETA hopes D.R.A.M. inspires people everywhere to start steaming up that broccoli — and that kale, chard and spinach, too.” Waka Flocka Flame and Kid Ink have also shared their love of “greenery” with PETA in the past to promote healthy lifestyles.

I was really hoping the ad would say, “Be beyond all that fuck shit, eat your veggies,” but, alas, it does not.

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