Pillow Person – “On Your Way” Video

Last time we checked in with Pillow Person, aka Hot Chip drummer Sarah Jones, she had just shared the video for her excellent single “Go Ahead,” a song that nudged PC Music’s uncanny valley pop experiments just close enough to humanity to take away the nauseous horror while amplifying the thrill. She’s back today with a clip for “On Your Way,” a similar (and similarly awesome) electronic track marked by slinky metallic synth sounds, a manipulated vocal hook, and a relentless pulsating thump. Director Isaac Eastgate’s video finds Jones’ visage marred by whipped cream and other less appetizing substances. Explains Jones, “After making the video, I realised that I must have been inspired from a memory from many years ago when I saw Mortiis live and the lights were too bright.” Watch below.

“On Your Way” is out 1/27 on Moshi Moshi. Pre-order it here.