Sondre Lerche – “Soft Feelings” Video

On top of his career as Stereogum’s year-end cover artist, Sondre Lerche is an accomplished songwriter in his own right. Last year he released “I’m Always Watching You,” a glitzy soft-pop song that came in two versions and announced his forthcoming LP Pleasure. Today we get to hear another one of the album’s offerings, the sublime “Soft Feelings.” Arriving alongside a grainy, muted-tone video by director Johannes Greve Muskat, “Soft Feelings” is uniquely charming. The song opens with a techno rumble that soon snaps into shimmering dream-rock, with a chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place on Destroyer’s Kaputt. “I can’t will into motion impossible things/ I can’t promise devotion or make a bell unring,” Lerche sings. But he sure can compose a pretty perfect slice of amorphous pop. Listen below.