Geotic – “Actually Smiling”

When Will Wiesenfeld is not composing glitchy twilight electronica as Baths, he sometimes pens more warm-blooded tunes under the alias Geotic. Today he’s released “Actually Smiling,” an inward track that exists in the intersection of dance and ambient. It’s the lead single from his forthcoming LP Abysma, his third full-length release as Geotic and a reflection of his personal experience with dance music being something you consume at home by yourself rather than out in the world with thousands of other bodies. “Actually Smiling” is comprised of interlocking ripples of percussions, spacey synth lines, and Wiesenfeld’s haunting vocals, all radiating gently pulsating warmth. Listen and check out the album’s tracklist below.

1. Sunspell
2. Actually Smiling
3. Nav
4. Billionth Remnant
5. Laura Corporeal
6. Vaulted Ceiling, Painted Sky
7. Perish Song
8. Valiance

Abysma is out 3/31 via Ghostly.

Tags: Baths, Geotic