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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

This week’s two best music-related videos both involved, in some capacity, rap music and children: Migos rapping Llama Llama Red Pajama and Anderson .Paak dancing with his son on Ellen. These are dire times, and videos like those are going to be necessary to keep our spirits up. Unfortunately, neither one is an actual video, so neither one is on this list. Instead, our picks are below.

5. Future – “Poppin’ Tags” (Dir. Vincent Lou Film)

Future balling out in Dubai is infinitely more visually interesting than Future balling out anywhere else.

4. Split Single – “Untry Love” (Dir. Rob Hatch-Miller & Puloma Basu)

Honestly, Jason Narducy’s between-song showmanship, as depicted in this video, still probably puts him in at least the 60th percentile of indie rock frontmen.

3. Real Estate – “Darling” (Dir. Weird Days)

If I go see Real Estate on their next tour and they don’t have that horse onstage, I am going to be sorely disappointed. Also, they better still be wearing those mock turtlenecks.

2. Touché Amoré – “Darling” (Dir. Weird Days)

A young man visits his mother’s shitty, falling-apart Midwestern hometown to lay flowers on her grave. This would be heavy, moving material even if the young man depicted wasn’t the one who sang this deeply sad song, even if the death and the shitty hometown weren’t real.

1. Missy Elliott – “I’m Better” (Feat. Lamb) (Dir. Dave Meyers & Missy Elliott)

Missy Elliott is arguably the greatest music-video artist in history, and she can apparently dance underwater without her hair getting wet. This one was always going to win.