The Menzingers – “Thick As Thieves”

Philadelphia’s most potent pop-punk thrashers the Menzingers are less than a week out from the release of their latest album After The Party. We’ve already heard three fired-up singles from the forthcoming LP, and today the band are letting loose one final track before Friday. “Thick As Thieves” opens with a chunky guitar riff straight out of the mid-Aughts rock charts, and the song expands from there into a buzzing concoction of tremolo and distortion that wouldn’t sound out of place on Blink-182’s self-titled album. At the very least, lyrics as grand as, “I was there when the wall fell down/ I’ll be there when the ocean rises,” are straight out of Tom DeLonge’s poetry book. Listen below.

After The Party is out 2/3 via Epitaph.