Stream Boosegumps On The Way To Meet You EP

The songs on Boosegumps’ On The Way To Meet You EP sound like they could be coming out of a music box that was cast aside and forgotten about in a dusty, cluttered basement. They’re all centered around twinkly, forlorn chords and an enveloping sense of nostalgia and warmth, pulled together by Heeyoon’s lovely voice. The Philadelphia-based musician has been putting out music for a while now, and these four tracks are their most accomplished yet, slow and methodical and fossilized in amber. Heeyoon takes inspiration from their contemporaries like Frankie Cosmos and Eskimeaux, writing simple songs with surprising poignancy and heart. The lyrics on On The Way To Meet You mostly take the form of mantras: to do better, to feel better, to be better — there’s “Happy,” with its uplifting affirmation of “I am so positive/ I am so happy/ I tell myself every day/ I’m starting to believe me,” and “Separation Is Okay,” a snuggly meditation on a long-distance relationship that insists that “we’ll be together some day.” My favorite right now is “Little Cloud,” which sounds exactly like what you’d imagine from its title: a pillowy representation that balances darkness and light. Listen to the full EP below.

The On The Way To Meet You EP is out now via Birdtapes.

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