Snakehole – “Bum Song”

Snakehole – “Bum Song”

Autumn Casey and KC Toimil are Snakehole, a fantastically brutal noise-rock duo with dual bases in Philadelphia and Miami. Their Interludes Of Insanity LP, recorded by Ben Greenberg of Uniform/The Men fame, is out next month on Wharf Cat, and today we’re sharing one of its most punishing tracks. “Bum Song” is two minutes of rapid-fire guitar sludge and drum battery, topped off with willfully abrasive vocals that hit like a rallying cry in the midst of a warzone — so, basically it’s the sound of political discourse circa now, only much more viscerally satisfying. Embrace the hellish ugliness below.


01 “Hollow Tomorrow”
02 “Double Down”
03 “Bum Song”
04 “Interlude Part 1.”
05 “Interlude Part 2.”
06 “Good Conversation”
07 “Izardus”

Interludes Of Insanity is out 3/24 on Wharf Cat. Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Kelly Breez

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