Summer Of Love 50th Anniversary Concert Cancelled After San Francisco Denies Permit

San Francisco city officials have put the kibosh on a free concert in Golden Gate Park celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Summer Of Love, The San Francisco Chronicle reports. The show, organized by veteran promoter Boots Hughston, was set for 6/4 and officially announced late last month, but it appears that that announcement was a little bit premature.

Hughston received a three-page rejection letter from the San Francisco Recreation And Parks Department on Tuesday, denying the necessary permit on the grounds of “numerous misrepresentations of material fact” that left them concerned about the event’s proposed security, crowd control, and medical services. While Hughston’s online advertising promised a crowd of 80,000 to 175,000, Diane Rea, manager of permits and reservations for Rec And Park, claims that he repeatedly told the department that the crowd would be no more than 40,000. “You have made numerous representations about your preparedness for this event which have turned out to be untrue, and if left unchecked, could put the public at risk,” she wrote.

Hughston says he addressed all of the department’s concerns and attempted to follow up with them but never received any response. “This is character assassination on me all the way down the line, he says. “I’ve been doing shows for 40 years, and they’re acting like I’ve never done anything.” He plans to file an appeal against the permit denial this week and is considering taking legal action against the city.

According to Hughston, the show’s lineup would’ve included Eric Burdon And War, the original rhythm section of the Santana Blues Band, and Country Joe McDonald, as well as remnants of the Jefferson Airplane/Starship, Moby Grape, Sons Of Champlin, and the Youngbloods. “It’s the Summer Of Money,” McDonald said in response to the permit denial. “I’m sure if Boots could pay the amount of money that Outside Lands gives the city he would have the permit in his hands right now.”