Kanye West Shares His 17-Minute Soundtrack For Yeezy Season 5 Show

Earlier this month, rumors were flying about new Kanye West music that was supposedly going to come out during his Yeezy Season 5 show at New York Fashion Week. Specifically, there was speculation about a mysterious Drake collab called “Lost Hills.” Well, it didn’t happen, and “Lost Hills” may be entirely fictional. Instead, West’s soundtrack for his fashion show was a fascinating 17-minute piece of music that didn’t feature him at all, and he has now shared that piece of music.

A decade ago, the R&B singer J. Holiday scored his one and only hit with “Bed,” a song that The-Dream co-wrote during the phase when he seemed to be writing half the R&B songs on the radio. The music that West used for his fashion show soundtrack was a remixed version of The-Dream’s demo for that song, one that was apparently put together by the Los Angeles dance music duo DJDS (former DJ Dodger Stadium), who collaborated with West on many of the tracks from last year’s The Life Of Pablo. DJDS have turned The-Dream’s “Bed” demo into a massive, expansive work of gooey, evocative synth music — like what might happen if the early-’80s Tangerine Dream had tried their hand at mid-’00s sex-thirsty R&B. Below, listen to that and to the version of J. Holiday’s “Bed” that came out in 2007.

This is the first song that Kanye has shared on his SoundCloud since “Champions” eight months ago. If he’s going to be putting more music out there in the universe now, it probably won’t be enough to get him out of our collective post-Trump meeting doghouse, but it’ll be a start.