Moon Duo – “Lost In Light” Video

The great Portland space-rockers Moon Duo have already released one album this year: The dark and fuzzy Occult Architecture Vol. 1. But before the year is even half over, they’ll release a new companion LP called, naturally, Occult Architecture Vol. 2. The new album represents the yin to the first LP’s yang, and if first single “Lost In Light” is any indication, it’ll be an absolutely gorgeous stargazer of a record. The woozy and comforting new single has a video from animator Micah Buzan, who also directed the band’s nightmarish and great video for the first-album single “Cold Fear.” The new video uses some of the say way-out psychedelic imagery as that “Cold Fear” clip, but this time, it’s pretty and utopian rather than horrifically fucked up. Below, check out the new video and the Occult Architecture Vol. 2 tracklist.

01 “New Dawn”
02 “Mirror’s Edge”
03 “Sevens”
04 “Lost In Light”
05 “The Crystal World”

Occult Architecture Vol. 2 is out 5/5 on Sacred Bones.