Feral Ohms – “Teenage God Born To Die”

Bay Area power trio Feral Ohms are ready to unleash their self-titled debut into the world later this month, but their new single “Teenage God Born To Die” is a signal that the world might not be ready to receive it. The group — comprising guitarist and vocalist Ethan Miller, bassist Josh Haynes, and drummer Chris Johnson — builds the song on top thick slabs of corrosive fuzz before smashing it in with jackhammer drumming and urgent wailing. Miller’s background is in psychedelic stylings — he worked on Heron Oblivion’s excellent debut from last year — but Feral Ohms bend closer to acidic hard-rock. He shouts the titular phrase with an unhinged spite again and again as the riffs push deeper and deeper against the grain. Listen below.

Feral Ohms is out 3/24 via Silver Current.

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