Stream The Shins Heartworms

James Mercer takes his sweet time between Shins albums these days. Five years passed between Wincing The Night Away and Port Of Morrow, and another five have gone by since then. Now Heartworms, Mercer’s fifth album under the Shins name, is finally out in the world. As you heard on advance singles “Dead Alive,” “Name For You,” “Mildenhall,” and “Painting A Hole,” the album finds Mercer exploring fascinating new accoutrements for his signature sound. And although this album not about to unseat the beach party reverie Oh Inverted World! or the breathless pop-rock adrenaline rush Chutes Too Narrow from my heart, it demonstrates that a more grown-up version of the Shins can be rewarding too. Stream it below.

Heartworms is out now on Columbia.