Rihanna To Star In New Musical With Adam Driver, Sing Songs Written By Sparks

UPDATE: A Rihanna rep told Pitchfork that she won’t appear in this film at all. :(


This motherfucking movie cannot possibly come out soon enough. According to Variety, Rihanna has joined the cast of Annette, a new movie from the French director Leo Carax. This will be Carax’s first English-language movie, and it’ll be a musical. The script and the songs come from Sparks, the ’70s art-pop glam band. Adam Driver, who plays Adam on Girls and Kylo Ren in the new Star Wars movies, will also star.

Amazon will distribute Annette in the US and Canada, and it’ll start shooting in a range of international locations, including Los Angeles, this spring. Rooney Mara was previously also attached to star, but she’s since left the cast.

There is so much here to process! Sparks are all-time OGs, and we last heard from them when they teamed up with the members of Franz Ferdinand to form a supergroup called FFS and to release an album two years ago. Rihanna singing their songs should be really, really cool. As for Carax, he’s a longtime film-nerd favorite. Carax’s last movie was 2012’s Holy Motors, a dizzy and nonsensical art-film buffet that featured some truly electric scenes. My favorite one was this one, dropped into the middle of the movie with basically zero context and never mentioned again:

So yeah: Imagine what that guy could do with Rihanna.